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Stair Tread Rugs

Use stair tread rugs to protect your stairs, reduce noise, and prevent slipping.

Stair tread rugs have three main purposes: protect the stairs, reduce noise, and protect people using the stairs.

If you have hardwood floors, you know that keeping them clean and protected makes them very slippery. It is one thing to slip a little on your dining room floor, but slipping on the stairs is a completely different matter. But you cannot let the steps go without protection. They will become scuffed and worn over time. That is safer, but you lose the value of great-looking flooring.

Stair Tread Rugs

The solution? You can cover your stair treads with rugs specifically designed to fit the steps. You retain the beauty of the wood, as seen around the edges of each rug, but avoid the wear and tear on each step.

In addition, the steps become much less slippery. Whether you have a toddler who is new at climbing the stairs, or an older individual who can’t afford a fall, having stair tread rugs will protect people from dangerous falls on the steps.

An extra benefit of using stair tread rugs is the noise-reduction. Stairways tend to be noisy anyway, and having someone clunk up or down each step doesn’t help. Soften the footfalls with carpet adhered to each step and enjoy a quieter house.

There are some other benefits if you use outdoor stair tread rugs. If you have a location that can use indoor/outdoor carpet on a set of steps outside, you reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your building. It is like having several extra welcome mats for a person to walk on before coming in.

You can find stair tread rugs in a wide variety of styles and colors, and sizes that will fit any stair.

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