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Plow & Hearth Stair Treads

Use stair tread rugs to protect your stairs, reduce noise, and prevent slipping.

Plow & Hearth makes several types of stair tread rugs. They have both indoor and outdoor models available.

All of the indoor stair treads they make are braided rugs. That may or may not work with your home’s style. It tends to have more of a traditional country decor feel than contemporary.

Some brands of stair tread rugs come with tacks to hold them down, but most people prefer to use what is called “carpet tape” to adhere the rugs to the steps. The tacks put holes in your floor, and generally are not as safe as using the tape.

When ordering from Plow & Hearth, be sure to specify the size, the color, and the quantity. You may consider ordering two or three extras, if they are inexpensive enough. If there are any manufacturing defects you will still have enough to cover each step. That way you will also have some with a matching pattern in the attic if any individual rugs are damaged, preventing you from having to order new treads for the entire stairs.

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