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Stair Tread Carpet

Use stair tread rugs to protect your stairs, reduce noise, and prevent slipping.

If you have hardwood flooring on your stairs, there are several very good reasons to get stair tread carpet for your steps.

Stair Tread Carpet – Quieter

One reason many folks buy carpet for their stair treads is to make the steps quieter. Because of the nature of most stairwells, sounds are trapped in what amounts to an echo chamber, bouncing off the small enclosed walls. Having hard steps does not help what is already a loud environment. Putting carpet on the treads allows people to walk up and down without waking up the entire house…especially when the kids are running down the stairs first thing in the morning.

Stair Tread Carpet – Safer

Falls are one of the leading causes of at-home injuries. Hardwood floors, especially right after a cleaning, can be very slippery, and the stairs are no exception. If you are walking on bare stair treads in your stocking feet, you are risking taking a spill down the steps. And children are notorious for running up or down the steps. Keep them safer by giving them better traction on the stairs.

Stair Tread Carpet – Protection

The final reason to use stair tread rugs is to protect the flooring of the steps. This is especially true in areas where dirt may be easily tracked onto the steps, or if you have dogs with claws that scratch the floors as they walk up and down the stairs. Putting carpet on the steps can keep them in pristine condition.

You can find a variety of stair tread carpet to match the style in your home, and now you know three good reasons to get them now!

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